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Film storage on cores

Large film archives tend to store their films in vaults which are monitored and maintain a cool and dry climate. Unfortunately, these conditions are not neccssarily available to everyone.

If this is not a possibility for you, archivists say it’s a good idea to store your films on cores. This avoids the plastic of a reel and allows them to breath. 3 inch cores are the standard size and are preferable over 2 inch as the wind is not so tight.  After speaking with a many specialists in the matter, they advise that the film be wound manually on the core, this prevents the risk of tearing or damaging the film. If you wish to project a film on a core you will need a split reel.

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I just got back from the SAA Exposition in Austin, TX and I’m very positive about this convention.

Thanks to the wonderful organization of the SAA, along with the  ‘’always smiling and ready to help’’ staff from the Hilton, they have allowed me to spend two great and efficient days of exhibition. Indeed this year’s conference was so popular, they were surprised to receive more on-site registration than planned…congratulations! Archivists from all across America were attending. Thanks to all; organizers, exhibitors, attendees, I will certainly be back next year…hoping for another ‘’ice cream social’’.

Mélissa Cauchon
Business Development

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A beautiful picture of Austin at night:Austin at night!


It is not uncommon when observing film containers that have been in archival vaults or when handling film containers in a laboratory after they have been taken from storage vaults, to find the labels only partially attached or missing. This should not have to be so.

New Feature for your acetate disks!

We love the challenge of innovating an already existing product or developing a new one, this brought on the birth, many years ago of the 16mm/1200ft with a CD enclosure in the lid! 


Nouvel accessoire pour vos disques en vinyl!

Nous aimons innover un produit déjà existant ou en développer un neuf ! Ce qui a donné naissance à notre produit 16mm/1200pi. avec un enclave pour CD dans le couvercle, il est disponible depuis quelques années déjà.