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Joyeuses Fêtes de STiL Solution Boitier

À la fin de chaque année, je pense à tous les gens merveilleux qui ont rendu possible une autre année de succès.

Chers Clients, fournisseurs et partenaires en cette période des fêtes, nous aimerions vous adresser nos remerciements pour votre confiance et votre amitié.


De notre coin de pays tellement choyé par l’hiver, nous vous souhaitons de vivre un Noël rempli de mille bonheurs, ainsi qu’une prochaine année à l’enseigne du succès.


Joyeuses Fêtes  





Toute l’équipe de STiL Solution Boîtier vous souhaite une année 2011 active et heureuse, riche en réalisations.



Happy Holidays from STiL Casing Solution!

 At the end of every year we think about all the wonderful people who have made another great year of success.

During this holiday season we would like to extend our thanks to you for your business. We have enjoyed our friendship with you.

Happy Holidays, and a prosperous new year!



We look forward to speaking with you soon and everyone at STiL wishes you a peaceful holiday season.


Merry Christmas to all !




Frédéric, Melanie and our staff at…



HBO & STiL Casing Solution

We are happy to welcome a new customer at STiL Casing Solution!

HBO, a standard abbreviation for its full legal name Home Box Office is owned by Time Warner. In addition to its U.S. subscriber base, HBO also broadcasts in over 150 countries worldwide.

A bit of history about the company: In 1965 Charles Dolan, who had already done pioneering work in the commercial use of cables, won a franchise to build a cable system in Lower Manhattan, New York. The new system, which Dolan called “Sterling Manhattan Cable”, became the first urban underground cable system in the United States of America. Rather than stringing cable on telephone poles or using microwave antennas to receive the signals, Sterling laid underground cable beneath the streets of Manhattan because the multitude of tall buildings blocked television signals. In the same year Time Life, Inc. purchased 20 percent of Dolan’s company.

In 1973 Time Inc. bought out HBO. When Time merged with Warner Communications in 1989, HBO became part of Time Warner, which as of 2009 continues as its parent company.

On September 30, 1975, HBO became the first TV network to continuously deliver signals via satellite. The network broadcast only nine hours a day for its first nine years on air, from 3PM to midnight ET. In September 1981, HBO began broadcasting a 24-hour schedule on weekends, until midnight ET on Sunday nights. On December 28, 1981, HBO expanded its programming schedule to 24 hours a day, seven days per week.

In 1991, HBO became one of the first premium services to offer multiplexing to cable customers.  In 1993 HBO became the world’s first digitally transmitted television service., subsequently well-known for its online web shows, launched in 1995. In 1999, HBO became the first national cable-TV network to broadcast a high-definition version of its channel. In July 2001, HBO launched the first premium subscription video-on-demand enhancement in the United States of America, called HBO on Demand, to Time Warner Cable subscribers in Columbia, South Carolina.

Thank you HBO for the confidence you have placed  in our products!