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Safeguard the sounds of yesterday  in STiL Archival audio case …read the article



We will be showing our whole line of products :


STiL Casing Solution is the result of many years of research and development.  With the help of archivists we are today trusted by majors archives worldwide. We designed a state-of-the-art preservation Vented System for FILMS, Audio and for others media in analog and digital preservation.

We are looking forward to shaking hands and sharing ideas about your projects in Pittsburgh !

If you need a bit of inspiration about what to do in Pittsburgh

family_print-1LTO-Tera Turtle Waterproof

Individual slots, superior cushioning and no exposed debris generating agents. Holds LTO / 3592/T10K/3590/3490/9840 tapes with or without their plastic jewel boxes. Stainless steel hardware. Double movement latch prevents accidental opening for added protection. Double pad lockable. Lifetime warranty.

Part Number: STIL-LTO509003 /  BLACK PRICE FOB origin : 108.00 USD

10 Capacity LTO/359X/T10K/9840 compatible w/wo Jewel Case, Waterproof, Plastic Slots, No exposed foam

Ø  Outside Dimensions    12,5″ X 10.1″ X 6″         weight : 3.3 lb

Part Number : STIL-LTO519005  / BLACK PRICE FOB origin : 148.00 USD

20 Capacity 3592 / T10K. Waterproof, Plastic Slots, No exposed foam

Ø  Outside Dimensions    15.8″ x 12.4″ x 6.8″ weight : 4.4  lb

JOINT US  AT THE NEXT AMIA Conference in Potland  where we will be at the Vendor Café . I  will be happy to meet with you at our booth No 105 for two days - Thursday, November 19th and Friday, November 20th. Like last year, the Vendor Café will open each morning with a Conference Plenary and breakfast.


We owe you and your colleagues in the field the inspiration that drove our team.

Here is a short description of our  Preservation System



STiL CASING SOLUTION president, Mr. Frederic Lapointe will be at the 19th Conference and General Assembly in Singapore from 22nd to 28th of April 2015. The Conference is hosted by the Asian Film Archive. Our distributor MD Micrographics Data in Southeast asia will be proudly showing our products.


FIAT / IFTA World Conference 2014 AMSTERDAM


Audiovisual media dominates today’s global information society. We all are almost constantly surrounded by moving images and television stands out of this “media storm” as one of the most powerful and yet so familiar parts of everyday life.

More info :

Frédéric Lapointe will be please to meet with you at the conference in AMSTERDAM.

memory1You are confronted with dozens of products that sing their merit on all possible scales.What do the best in the field choose? What do the studios, the Univerity,  the Museums, the corporate archives choose ?

FIND OUT WHY  ! Come joint us at …


VISIT US in the Vendor Café in SAVANNAH, Georgia for the next AMIA Conference


STiL MEDIA BOX - photo storage and data

How to Choose what kind of box is best for Long Term Archiving of your precious photos?



Photo storage boxes are a popular storage option for photos and other items around the house, but how good are they for long term storage? If you have a lot of prints that you want to store for future use you may wonder what is the best way to do this. Should you put them in an album? Should you put them in photo storage boxes? Make sure that  choose to save your photos in an acid free box. Any photo storage with acid will eat away at your photos instead of preserving them.

Your best best is the STiL Media & Photo Storage Box! Compared to cardboard, polypropylene will keep its physical structure for decades. Cardboard will disintegrate, and also generates acids and are not recommended for extended-term storage. Our design allows ventilation, gives a strong physical protection and increases stability.

Call us to GET A FREE SAMPLE -1-888-414-0449 ext.10 or email to


The AMIA 2012 conference is just arround the corner. At this year’s conference we will feature our Achievement in design - Leading trust ever for preservation of films works, audio tapes or digital data -STiL product lines you won’t want to miss.

Shares your projects ! joint us in Seattle at the Vendor Cafe, booth number 308. Would like to meet ! feel free to contact me : or  www.stilcasing. com for details about our products line.


I can guarantee you some real saving this week !

Is always my pleasure to meet with you in person, see you in Seatlle !


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