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Safeguard the sounds of yesterday  in STiL Archival audio case …read the article




Moreover, Kodak has introduced a new motion picture film:KODAK Color Asset Protection Film 2332 is optimized for content owners who originate or finish their productions on digital formats and want to protect their valuable media for the future. The stock offers over a century of dye stability when stored in recommended environments.

The company plans to add a black-and-white separation film to its asset-protection portfolio later this year.

“File-based projects often end up stored on tapes or drives, which need to be continually re-mastered or migrated, and run the risk of format obsolescence,” says Kim Snyder, president of Kodak’s Entertainment Imaging Division. “Our goal was to create an affordable film option - designed for content owners working on television programs, independent features, and documentaries - to assure long-term access to, and preservation of, their valuable content.”

[Sources for this story: Kodak commits to keeping motion picture film business alive: Will keep supplying studios with film, by Matthew Daneman, reporting for the Rochester, NY, Democrat and Chronicle; and the Eastman Kodak Company.]

When Analog 70 years  programming  meet with digital…

The National Film Board of Canada’s iPad app was once selected by iTunes Canada as the iPad app of the week. It is currently a respectable 28th in the Canadian entertainment category, according to Applyzer, an app ranking site.


Over 13,000 Canadian productions are available online from categories such as the Arts, Kids’ Movies, The Green Channel, Biography, Hot Topics, Animation, Outside the Box, World, History, Aboriginal Peoples, Classics, and High Definition.

Since 15 years  STiL Casing Solution work with ONF/NFB  to preserve the Canadian Film Heritage.

The cultural institution includes 70 years of programming with their digital platforms garnering more than 20 million views globally according to Deborah Drisdell, Director General of Accessibility and Digital Enterprises, who spoke at Canada 3.0 last week. Drisdell said the cultural institution has been looking at documentaries, animation, and interactive content to add on to existing categories.

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Gaylord offer a NEW line of product !

STiL Casing Solution… for quality you just can’t beat.

”We feel very pleased to have Gaylord join our sales force”


NOW AVAILABLE !  The first choice of museums, corporate archives, studios and labs, for your film, audio and media collections

This archival-quality film container is the standard in the field. It’s designed for long-term storage and preservation.  Read more



  • Inert polypropylene won’t rust, corrode or off-gas
  • Venting system lets heat and humidity escape
  • Interlocking design for better stackability
  • Stoppers and platforms prevent crushing
  • Available in several sizes
  • In the past couple of weeks we have received numerous requests on our labels, so I thought it would be nice  to resume the characteristics and sizes of them:



    • Cryogenic plastic labels for long-term storage  deep-freezing harsh environments;
    • Cryo labels accept desktop laser printing and permanent marker;
    • Temperature Range: From -196°C to +120°C;
    • Water-resistant;
    • Wear and tear proof;
    • Do not jam printers;
    • Resistant to UV and Gamma irradiation.

    CD/DVD Case (Part #STIL-CL24), size: 4.8″ x 0.276″

    7″ Audio Tape Box (Part # STIL-CL41), size: 5.91″ x 0.394″

    10″ Audio Tape Box (Part #STIL-CL42), size: 8.66″ x 0.394″

    12″ Audio Tape Box (Part #STIL-CL34), size: 9.843″ x 0.394″

    16mm Film Container (Part #STIL-CL18), size: 6.0″ x 0.75″

    35mm Film Container (Part #STIL-CL19), size: 8.0″ x 0.87″

    However, don’t forget that we can sell many different sizes of labels, different colors than white ..give us a call for more information!

    Our  labels are a great complimentary product for your cans to insure a clear and reliable identification!

    Contact us for details at or call !

    Phone 888-414-0449 ext.10 ( USA & CANADA)

    Phone 418-694-0449 ext.10

    STiL project - Archive CNA-Luxembourg

    As an archivist you collect, organize, preserve and maintain control over and provide access to information determined to have a long-term value.

    In 2009, we identified a complementary market and responded to a request from the audio industry. We created a new product line for the  preservation of audio and magnetic tapes. Made of inert polypropylene with antistatic which has an exceptional life cycle, its vented properties stabilizes the excessive humidity relative inside vaults.

    Le Centre National de l’Audiovisuel  cna1

    Créé en 1989 avec les missions de sauvegarde, de mise en valeur et de promotion du  patrimoine audiovisuel luxembourgeois


    photo CNA

    In the past “records management” was sometimes used to refer only to the management of records which were no longer in everyday use but still needed to be kept…


    Award-winning films are well preserve…

    The movie industry’s most prestigious honor, The Oscar !  Award-winning films are well preserve in the STiL Casing Archival Containers. (more)

    About The Academy Film Archive

    Award-winning films and others in STiL Casing Container

    Dedicated to the preservation, restoration, documentation, exhibition and study of motion pictures, the Academy Film Archive is home to one of the most diverse and extensive motion picture collections in the world, including the personal collections of such filmmakers as Alfred Hitchcock, Cecil B. DeMille, George Stevens, Fred Zinnemann, Sam Peckinpah and Jim Jarmusch.

    The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences was founded in 1927 and began acquiring film material in 1929. The Academy Film Archive, established in 1991, holds all of the Academy Award-winning films in the Best Picture category, all the Oscar-winning documentaries and many Oscar-nominated films in all categories. ( more )

    I came across this article today and wanted to share with you. It’s amazing how long Kodak has been a pioneer in our industry!


    With a simple slogan of “you press the button, we do the rest,” the fabled Kodak company has given Americans memories to hold onto for 132 years.

    Astronaut Neil Armstrong took pictures of the moon with a Kodak camera in 1969, and 80 movies that won Best Picture Oscars were shot with K
    But now the “Kodak Moments” seem to have run out after the upstate Rochester company founded by George Eastman announced Wednesday it has filed for bankruptcy protection.odak film. Kodak 35 mm. film even inspired Paul Simon to pen the hit song “Kodachrome.”

    With more than 7,000 jobs at stake, Kodak executives are hoping to pull out of a $6.8 billion hole. In recent years, the company has focused on home photo printers and commercial inkjet printers that are finally on the verge of turning a profit.

    If video killed the radio star, then digital cameras and cell phones are responsible or the possible demise of a company that turned average Joe Shmos into photographers by introducing the Brownie and Instamatic cameras.

    Read more:

    By Bill Hutchinson / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS

    “Kodak played a role in pretty much everyone’s life in the 20th century because it was the company we entrusted our most treasured possession to — our memories,” Robert Burley, a photography professor at Ryerson University in Toronto, told The Associated Press.

    STiL - New customers since this summer!

    It’s always a pleasure doing business with our customers and it’s with great honor that we welcome new ones to our happy family!

    • Archives of Manitoba - -  Provincial archives are dedicated to the acquisition, preservation, publication and public exhibition of documents, parchments, manuscripts, records, books, maps, plans, photographs, magnetic tapes, or other materials, regardless of physical form, the preservation of which is in the public interest.
    • ARTEX Fine Art Services - - ARTEX is a fine art storage, transportation, packing and handling company primarily serving museums, galleries, auction houses and private collectors.
    • LDS Church History Library- - The collections of the Church History Library and Archives contain materials chronicling the history of the Church from its beginning in 1830 to the present day.
    • Living Archives - Pennebaker Hegedus Films - - D A PENNEBAKER and CHRIS HEGEDUS form one of the most respected and unique teams of documentary filmmakers working today. Known for their unintrusive, cinema verite style of filmmaking, they follow their subjects using handheld cameras and available light with minimal interruption. The result is a candid portrait of a real-life drama in which the characters determine the action.
    • Canadian Jewish Congress Charities Committee - - They collect and preserve documentation on all aspects of the Jewish presence in Quebec and Canada.
    • Sonuma S.A.- - The Sonuma preserves, digitizes and enhances the audiovisual archives of the RTBF. A mission that begain in spring 2009.

    Thank you for the confidence you place in our products and welcome you among the privileged that chose the best available product in the archival field!

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