JOINT US  AT THE NEXT AMIA Conference in Potland  where we will be at the Vendor Café . I  will be happy to meet with you at our booth No 105 for two days - Thursday, November 19th and Friday, November 20th. Like last year, the Vendor Café will open each morning with a Conference Plenary and breakfast.


We owe you and your colleagues in the field the inspiration that drove our team.

Here is a short description of our  Preservation System



The Analog Set: The very well known archival vented film containers available in both 16mm and 35mm gauges in length from 400ft to 3000ft. They are the staple choice of many studios to archive their collections.

We are pleased to offer the same containers for the audio collections reel-to-reel tapes as the 16mm/400ft containers can house a 7″ reel perfectly and the 16mm/1200ft with a hub and a core for the 10″ reel. We are offering options that are unique: the hub to prevent lateral movement of the film and protect the leader and the CD/DVD enclosure in the lid to provide versatility.

The Digital Set: Even if the optical disk is not necessarily a medium of choice to archive, it is used quite extensively for that purpose; we are offering a case where the disk is floating to protect the burnt part, self-releasing to prevent cracks, bents, warping of the disk, made of polypropylene for its sturdiness and resilience.